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Auto Windshield Repair and Replacement Services

Windshield in need of a repair or replacement? Call AccuPro Glass!
We'll come to your location, fast, reliable & convenient, with expert installations and repairs. Our staff can repair nicks, chips or cracks, whether if its just a small chip or crack! AccuPro Glass's quality windshield repair will restore the structural integrity of the windshield to help prevent the damage from spreading, and make the blemish's much less noticeable, without removing and replacing the glass. Even if you’re not sure whether you need to replace the glass or just repair it. We can help you decide so you don't have to spend more than you have to. We will only use the most reliable tools to repair or replace your glass. Customer satisfaction is our main objective, so get in touch with us and get all your glass related problems solved today! We offer very competitive pricing!


OnSite Repair and Replacement

AccuPro Glass will come to your location for all your windshield repair & replacement needs. You don't have to risk injuring yourself or others, Your safety is our first concern! It only takes 30-45mins to repair or replace the windshield and soon you'll be on your way. So give us a call and we'll send a tech out to you today!

Qualified Insurance Coverage

Repairing a windshield can be a good cost effective way to save money. If you have comprehensive coverage and choose to have your windshield repaired rather than replaced, most insurance companies will waive your deductible, leaving no costs for you.
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AccuPro Glass is located in St.Paul, Minnesota, Locally owned and operated serving the Twin Cities metro area. We specialize in Residential, Commercial and Auto Glass repair and Replacement. We also do custom Glass & Mirrors... Learn More...